RECENTLY, I filmed material for an EPILOGUE including: 


     - A scene of Rai Weiss unwrapping the prototype gravity wave antenna, the same antenna I filmed in 1985.

     - At MIT, a reunion of Rai, Lyman, Andy, and Dan. 


     - Lyman, Andy and Dan in their respective homes and work spaces.    

     Their 30 year journeys are REMARKABLE as it turns out; each tale enough for an entirely new film.

     LYMAN works on Cosmic Background Radiation

and WMAP.  He is a Distinguished University Professor and Chair of the Physics Department at Princeton University.  in 2018 Lyman shared the 3 million dollar Breakthrough Prize in Physics.

     ANDY survived 3 life-threatening illnesses, left physics, joined Wall Street, made millions.  Today he is a private investor and philanthropist in Toronto.

     JEFF is the supervising research associate for LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.  His goal is to build satellite antennae, millions of kilometers apart.

     DAN worked on the Chandra Project for awhile after MIT.  Today, a practicing Buddhist

in Chicago, he tutors high school math students.

     And RAI mentors students, deals with the Press over his Nobel Prize, and stews about the future of science in our country.

     (Meanwhile, I learned that the proper term is 'Gravitational Wave,' not 'Gravity Wave.'  I've been saying it wrong for thirty years.)



     I'm in preproduction now with world-famous MIT Astrophysicist LISA BARSOTTI.  Her lab focuses on Frequency Dependent Squeezing.  The idea is to embed with her lab for 6 months, just as I did with Rai Weiss's lab in 1985, thus providing a third chapter to a remarkable story:  how science evolves over time and, by implication, well into the future.


     Lisa's grad students will deploy their instruments at the LIGO sites in Hanford, WA and Livingston LA in the Spring of 2022.  PhD Candidate MAGGIE TSE will join me to help explain how a table top  'toy' antenna from 37 years ago scaled up to antennae 2.5 miles long.(She'll fly a drone for this.)



     NERGIS MAVALVALA  Dean of MIT's School of Science.  Discoverer of Quantum Squeezing.

     VICKY KALOGERA  Distinguished University Professor, Northwestern University.  Focuses on Gravitational Wave Sources

     GABRIELA GONZÁLEZ  Professor of Physics, Louisiana State University.  Co-Founded the Working Groups on Data Analysis and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.